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The New Kid (A Korrasami Fanfic Modern AU)

The New Kid (A Korrasami Fanfic Modern AU)

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Korra avatar By Airtempleavatar Completed

Asami Sato, Bolin, and Mako are three friends, wishing for someone different to come along. When they meet and befriend the new student at school, something tells them that things are gunna a whole lot more interesting. The new girl is hiding something behind her bright smile and loud and cheerful personality and is clearly trying to keep them as far off her trail as possible, causing Asami to want to know more about her. What is she hiding??. Remember. Not everything is as it seems.

Bruh at my old school youd be lucky to get three bites before the teachers came to pick you up
AnimeFan4eva101 AnimeFan4eva101 Sep 17, 2016
Don't you mean Mako said smirking? Not to be rude or anything!!
- - Jul 27, 2016
This warms my heart, especially after reading a fanfic about my booo killing someone..
stud_for_stud_allday stud_for_stud_allday Sep 18, 2016
You call dragging your friends away gently? Lol sounds good to me *smiles*
DarkFrostbyte DarkFrostbyte Aug 14, 2016
Plz add more its a great plot and has a lot of potential 😀 I NEED KORRASAMI 😆
juliabyron juliabyron Nov 24, 2016
Come to the dark side we have cookies*turns around to see moxy,skylar.jasmine,smakle,jillana eating some cookies*