Unhealthy Obsession (Bill Cipher x Reader)

Unhealthy Obsession (Bill Cipher x Reader)

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Bill Cipher By JournalApocalypse Updated Oct 02

This is a story about (Y/N). When a certain demon starts to catch feelings for her what crazy things will he do?

I am not sure how this story is going to turn out. It could be mature or not it depends on how it plays out.
By the by, Bill is Little yandere in this story so yeah!
hope you like the story!

Bill is in triangle form! Cause let's be honest, triangle Bill doesn't get much love and I wanna frick the triangle anyway.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gravity Falls or the characters or the pictures.

Cover by: JournalApocalypse (me)


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*slaps self in face and bursts out laughing* pain is hilarious!
VirusTheDragon VirusTheDragon 6 days ago
Rose(Friend decided on that name) momma cause I say that irl over and over to annoy her XD
VirusTheDragon VirusTheDragon 6 days ago
FRICK THE DORRITO!!! *Has a torch and pitchfork*
                              H20 Delirious: Push harder!
                              Me: Give Birth!!!
Do you know how long I've been looking for a Bill x reader without human Bill?? You make me so happy.