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Sorcha De Brún By SorchaDeBrun Completed

'Play the game, she thought, remembering the only three words that had helped her to survive at Kingston. Only back then she had known the game, she had known what they wanted her to be, what they had wanted her to do - this man was different. She didn't know what he wanted her to be, she didn't know yet what would save her from him.'

As the students of Kingston face a long-awaited and bittersweet reunion with the families that they no longer remember, a growing threat begins to plague Charlotte's mind, reminding her of just how treacherous the world can be. As her new found celebrity sky-rockets and the world wants to know all about the Lost Children of Kingston Academy, Charlotte finds her new life beginning to unravel at the seams. Casting doubt on her true nature, Charlotte is forced to turn to the one person who could possibly help her, even if it means dragging up a painful past and running from those who hold the key to her acceptance in this new world. 

A tense and action-packed tale of the battle to triumph over adversity and mistrust, Feared is the much anticipated third book in the 'Altered' series. 

Book One: Altered
Book Two: Hunted
Book Three: Feared