My Celebrity GirlFriend

My Celebrity GirlFriend

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☁️Moon Child☁️ By SleepyWeeks Updated Jul 16, 2017

Lucy is a young,Beautiful talented gir who is a celebrity

She is an actress and she is a singer , dancer, student ect

NatsuDragneel, the young handsome Man whom is not a celebrity but for the girls he is 

He sings he dances he acts ect but will they always be that 

One day when lucy comes back...will every thing change or will it all be the same 
Read an fund out!!

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Well... i cant say any thing because... i cant even dance...
Eli_Boruto Eli_Boruto Aug 11, 2017
Is it wrong that I'm singing this song exactly how it is while I'm crying remembering my camp and my school?
Fairytails30 Fairytails30 Jul 09, 2017
I'm sad because it brings up memories about me and my friends and We don't go to the same school anymore. 
ls_odk ls_odk Jan 30, 2017
I've seen better
                              I would never be able to do that 😥
                              But I've seen better 😶
LucyNeel_ LucyNeel_ May 09, 2016
I didn't even know u mentioned me in this. Damn I'm so late. My bad. 😅😅
KaythenKayden KaythenKayden May 18, 2016
It's Monday. Of course it happens. It happens to everyone cuz Monday sucks