Another Sugg

Another Sugg

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suggshowlter By suggshowlter Updated Nov 25, 2016

That's right. There was always a third Sugg. Fans think they know everything about Joe and Zoe. But I know them better. Inside out. To the extent where I had to bear the sight to seeing Joe walking around the house, naked.

Remember when Joe and Zoe did those reacting to home videos? I didn't like being on camera. But when I was a baby, I didn't have a choice. So, Zoe and Joe just watched the footage of when before I was born so that I don't have to live the hard life of being related to famous YouTubers.

I'm Maddie Sugg. No one knows about me. Not even Joe's and Zoe's closest friends. Not Caspar, not Louise, not Alfie. No one. Yet.
But when Maddie's life takes an unexpected turn, her identity as well as happiness is threatened. Could she overcome this problem? Or is she going to fail miserably and ruin her own life?

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JayleighGrant JayleighGrant Apr 13, 2017
It kinda called Football over here in Britain but it doesn't matter 😂😂
CringeyChick CringeyChick Jan 23, 2017
A way to describe is I don't LIEK wearing makeup in public, but I'll put it on if I'm bored. Then I immediately take it off and repeat the process... Otherwise this is exactly like ne