The Quarterback's Baby {Completed}

The Quarterback's Baby {Completed}

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Elle Hart By ellehart_ Completed

Clare Matthews isn't considered to be a popular kid. She's not part of the cheerleading team nor does she have insanely rich parents, so being invited or even knowing about a parties is way out of her status in high school. 

Greyson McKnight is considered to be a popular kid. He's the star quarterback of his high school football team and his father owns the local hardware store in town. If Greyson isn't there, then there's no party. 

But what happens when there's a party that everyone's invited to and Clare goes? Will she do more than just dance and drink like all the other people around her? 

Read and find out. 

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foodie_1403 foodie_1403 Dec 10, 2017
Alright one thought to ask who the father was first?
jakii_003 jakii_003 Apr 19, 2017
Omg thats my birthday😂 and schocked that its so many peoples birthday too but its good 😂😂💫
shey_2016 shey_2016 Aug 14, 2017
Idk y but this reminded me of
                              "I've mcfallen" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
-chingona -chingona Jun 12, 2017
there's nothing wrong with sex, but unprotected sex when you're still underage that's a whole other story.
0No0Pun0Intended0 0No0Pun0Intended0 Oct 28, 2017
That's actually me. I am 17 and had to go to the chiropractor and had to call my mom because I didn't know what most of it was 😂
stuck-on-yesterdays stuck-on-yesterdays May 30, 2017
today is may 30th and my grandpa passed away and i'm drowning myself in books so that i'll stop crying