His Girl

His Girl

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lexx By lexiexx0 Updated Jun 19, 2017

" what's mine is mine " he whispers in my ear while I'm putting my books in my locker. Shocked i turn to him.

" Excuse me? " who does he think he is? 

" You heard me pumpkin. And i dont like sharing. You're mine and that's that. " he smirks and struts away. 

Nicki Jackson. She's gorgeous and she has alot of confidence. She's stubborn and likes to think she can do what she wants. 

Declan Jones the schools baddest bad boy. He's an all time player. And everyone knows he doesn't do that "relationship" thing. 

When Nicki befriends some of Declans frineds on her first day Declan tries to ignore her not really interested in her. But when Nicki shows her true personality what will happen when Declan finds her quite interesting after all ?

Read to find out !!
{ cover by the wonderful @uniqueread }

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TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon Jul 06, 2016
On the first day I wear a black tee dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of converses with a pony tail. Why set there expectations high when that's all they gonna get
1COLDEST1 1COLDEST1 Oct 09, 2016
This girl is me when I look in the mirror, all fleeky for non school uniform😂😂😂
1COLDEST1 1COLDEST1 Oct 09, 2016
People like me will never understand the struggle since all we wear is school uniform
TheNewPluto TheNewPluto Aug 26, 2016
HkmymyHK123 HkmymyHK123 Feb 22, 2017
My mom thinks that if you have a butt then you can't wear shorts, but that's just her excuse cause me and my sister have 'really long sexy legs and "nice" butts' quoted by my mother
Emma_1617 Emma_1617 Feb 17, 2017
Awwww lol he's gunna be the funny but adorable one😍😍😍