Owari no Seraph - Scenarios and One Shots

Owari no Seraph - Scenarios and One Shots

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Lady Lannister Ichinose By mrsichinose Updated Jan 03, 2017

Lets see, you, your favourite character, weird situations and their reactions.
Seriously what else do you want?

Characters used:
Guren Ichinose, Yuichiro Hyakuya, Mikaela Hyakuya, Shinya Hiiragi, Kureto Hiiragi, Lacus Welt, René Simm, Ferid Bathory, Shiho Kimizuki.

Please ask for a certain character once you requested a Scenario

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ItzQu33nz ItzQu33nz Jul 20, 2017
I mean... ya left the room to us so yeah we do have a room.... hun
ItzQu33nz ItzQu33nz Jul 20, 2017
Aigoo~ he's like a little cinnamon roll holding a knife tho....
Guren x reader AU thing maybe where Guren's a government agent and reader a normal person from college or something?
_Kaneki_Ken_ _Kaneki_Ken_ Jul 24, 2017
Lmao yeah. I'm pretty much a professional after all the dičk I've been through. 🌚🌚
                              (Only in ff that is not in real life)
_Kaneki_Ken_ _Kaneki_Ken_ Jul 24, 2017
Lowkey wanna know what kind of punishments I get if he talks to me like this. Ya'know what I mean?🌚🌚
ZeaZeala ZeaZeala Jun 04, 2017
*Frantically reads names to find husbando* nooooooo Crowley !!!!!!!