( Natsu x Reader ) Mating  Season

( Natsu x Reader ) Mating Season

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Mikasa Akerman By Myelegantmiss Completed

You are a normal ordinary girl you have celestial spirit magic you were going to find fairy tail but when you do you dident know a dragon has took a liking to you and he has chosen you to be his mate in the up coming mating season

A_food_life A_food_life Jul 16
Holy mother of a quacking duck!
                              Im gonna get raped I already know it.
When Lucy wanted to get in to Fairy Tail she thought that you had to do something special. Nope! You just walk in.
sinfulnoir sinfulnoir Aug 23, 2016
****is really OCD and is bothered by run-on sentences and no punctuation****
vengelfe223 vengelfe223 Jun 27, 2016
In the description it say you are a girl with celestial spirit magic..... yea I'm pretty sure you are suppost to be Lucy
LifeSucksHun LifeSucksHun Apr 25, 2016
This is me.....when I have an idea and I fall asleep and when I wake up I don't remember the idea.