I am the child the world forgot to love | A  Harry Potter Fanfiction

I am the child the world forgot to love | A Harry Potter Fanfiction

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I'm just a nobody By Gay_Slytherin_Prince Updated 2 days ago

A nightmare to you, a daydream to The-boy-who-lived. People used him for his fame, hated him for his heritage and treated him like less than nothing since the day he arrived at the Dursleys. With pain being his only comfort, and plethra of mental diagnoses, Severus tries to raise Harry in a way Harry doesn't yet know. He doesn't expect Harry's adverse reaction. Will Severus' struggles all be for nothing? 
Warnings - 
Depressing themes, child abuse (physical, sexual and verbal), self-harm, eating disorders, triggering, drugs etc. THIS STORY IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. SOME DEPICTIONS ARE VERY EXPLICIT! I do not condone child abuse.

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HCRoar HCRoar Nov 18, 2017
Please. Harry is like a newborn kitten and your like a solid form of an polluted ocean.
Travesty_Girl Travesty_Girl Dec 06, 2017
So haven't seen this fic I'll have to start reading it in my spare time
AJR80809 AJR80809 Jun 09, 2017
You wanna talk fat take it up with your 5 chins and man boobs
WtF!!!!!! A f***ing 3 year old saying sir to his uncle... what king of fuk up world is this?
                              Its a wizarding world bish now shut your mouth and read that THREE YEAR OLD GETTING DRUNK!
IAmMeme1 IAmMeme1 Jul 03, 2017
Harry's fat? Bruh you have bigger titts then that cancer guy from fight club
dont_mess_with_me_03 dont_mess_with_me_03 Aug 14, 2017
Omgs, in the description about the warnings I literally thought 'why is a description of me in this stories description'