The new girl (Jack frost x Reader)

The new girl (Jack frost x Reader)

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Kaylee Trancy By KayleeTrancy Updated Dec 27, 2015

when Pitch Black comes back and is stronger than ever the moon chooses another guardian (F/N) now known as mother nature. Jack and Nature don't get along very well but pretty soon they've grown on each other but what will happen to the polar opposites? (i'm not good at intros or summary's sorry) 

on another note i am on deviant art too i'm under cielfan349895 so no this is not plagiarism i just wanted to expand to other sites too so whats on that account will be on this one too. love all my little lilies and and those of you who know of my D-art account now i was gone for a long time so all will be explained soon. thank you all so much for your patience feel free to comment i love talking to all of you so until later ye my lovely frosted roses.

EDIT: when did this hit 400 reads. Omg I didn't think it was that good. Thanks so much.

    *mother in the distant* "Can you guys just hurry up and save us! I was just pretending to be brave before, I didn't expect you'd actually listen!!"
    Girl/boy I live in Texas 102 degrees Fahrenheit daily it's 90 degrees outside we wear a sweater.
    smolucy smolucy Jan 20
    Shes so emotionless like "(f/n) don't be ridiculous. That house is going to collapse any minute." Sarah said with a monotone voice. (F/n) looked at sarah weirdly before running to the house.
    Emma_and_Alex Emma_and_Alex Dec 05, 2016
    Omg, i say that alot XD my sisters would say something like 'mom told us to stay in here' and i would respond 'Mom told YOU to stay in here, this is america, ill walk out of this room right in front of yall' XD
    mynamesnotmackenzie mynamesnotmackenzie Oct 23, 2016
    I've never read so someone being killed off in the first chapter but I Love this so much despite the grammatical errors.
    Bonnie_Silver Bonnie_Silver Sep 16, 2016
    Is there something wrong with me because I absolutely love fire. Every time I see it, I want to touch it.