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Alan By vanitycat Updated 4 years ago
We let them into our homes, and this is how they repay us.
amazing idea! and ur summary though short, is simple yet captivating o.o i tried to walk away from it like i usually do x( *sigh* but sadly i couldnt... v.v i hate teasers amazing yet so short u long for more *-*
:'( Wow...what a sad,yet well written story!!Wish I could vote it more than once I LOVE it.Are u gonna make other sad or scary stories?Lol,if so please let me know
Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like my mother-in law :P Good work!
It's already hapening... the televisions are taking over! Seriously, though, this is good, if a little freaky.
What kind of mother hears her son scream and still focuses on the telly? How nice....I liked it, though.Made sense unlike others :)
That's what the brat gets for messin' with her telly.
                                    But on a more serious note, I liked this. Short and sweet and to the point without being completely overbearing. Thanks for the read!