Fools // Tronnor AU (#tawards)

Fools // Tronnor AU (#tawards)

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Connor Joel Franta - high school badass and player. Everyone knew that you shouldn't fall in love with him -- you'd be a fool to do that. He is a player. He reels you in with his charm and sweet looks, but then he goes and breaks your heart after the entire thing between you guys turns out to be fake. A mind game, at that.

The new boy, Troye Sivan Mellet, was an exchange student from Perth, and so he didn't know any better. He didn't know about Connor. And so, Troye falls head over heels for the boy.

Maybe somehow, Troye can fix him, stopping these stupid mind games. Maybe he wouldn't be such a fool to date Connor after all. 

Maybe he would.

Read to find out~

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Why am I the only one who CANT detect accents. Literally, I couldn't notice Troyes's accent. Heck, I couldn't even notice Jack Septiceye's accent and he has it really noticeable!
I literally showed a picture of Connor to my friend and all she could say was
                              HIS EYESSSSSSSSSS THOUGH! HE HAS BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!!!!!!!
I do that with middle aged men, fictional boyfriends, computer generated robots and animated characters
                              We've all been there
AmazingFil AmazingFil Jul 07
When i first started watching him i didn't realise he had an accent