Hidden Princess( The Compulsion Bride Series) Book 1 (Unedited)

Hidden Princess( The Compulsion Bride Series) Book 1 (Unedited)

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Joshua turn to get a closer view of, his stepmother? Can he even call her that she was younger than him! She was staring at him like he was a monster. With those big brown eyes.

Halley was shock to the spine. The man standing in front of her was so handsome! This couldn't be her future husband. 

"I'll like to introduced you to--"

"I know father your wife." Joshua lifted Halley's hand and kiss it gently.

"Nice to meet you lovely lady. I must admit I can't come to call you mother as yet--"

"Joshua! " Lord fisher shouted glaring at his son." She is not my wife ,she is yours." 

Joshua look at his father then Halley with shock expression before throwing his head back and roar with laughter. " father..I thought you weren't one to jest."

Find out what happens next in this twisted tale of love, romance and a bit of humor.

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