Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

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Ladybug :) By Miraculous118 Updated Jul 01

Marinette catches Adrien dancing and things go uphill from there. 

And then it goes to a one shot book starting from 'The Shunning'. But its mostly a one shot book.

(Credit for cover belongs to @Mystic-Is-A Freak)

If I facepalm any harder, I'm pretty sure my hand would go straight through my head
For the first time in forever... Adrien finally getting his ish straight
Vanny0225 Vanny0225 Oct 17
YES! NOW THATS A SENTENCE! HERES AN AWARD!*gives a gold ladybug shaped pin*
Vanny0225 Vanny0225 Oct 17
A sentence includes 4 words. THAT was 2. Just wait until gamer and kung food
e2017106 e2017106 Jul 28
Thank you Adrien for being yourself🤗. Unlike someone 😑. Marinette
Vanny0225 Vanny0225 Oct 17
*bangs head on wall repeatedly* ITS BECAUSE SHE FU- never mind..