Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

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Ladybug :) By Miraculous118 Updated Jul 01, 2016

Marinette catches Adrien dancing and things go uphill from there. 

And then it goes to a one shot book starting from 'The Shunning'. But its mostly a one shot book.

(Credit for cover belongs to @Mystic-Is-A Freak)

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1Kitty-noir1 1Kitty-noir1 Oct 02, 2017
Should've called it "oh my god" that would hook your readers by the ass and they'll be eager to read it. ;3
ArtisticNarwhal66 ArtisticNarwhal66 Sep 01, 2017
*sips tea* *turns around in swivelly chair* *pets random cat* Well hello there. I detect a ladybug. I believe Adrien here does too.
                              Marinette: oh fu-
*person running down the street*"I JUST WANTED NEW TIRES FOR MY CAAAAARRR"😂😂😂😂😂 I can just imagine it
ArtisticNarwhal66 ArtisticNarwhal66 Sep 01, 2017
It's a thing called.... *whispers* feelings *shivers* More specifically.... LOVE *cringes*
prettytunes prettytunes Nov 23, 2017
                              Adrien-*to himself* Who is ladybug? Do I know her in real life?*to me* Wait what?Ladybug's who?
                              Me-*facepalms* Idiot
PandaCreatesMS PandaCreatesMS Dec 09, 2017
Really I can’t see it. It’s not like they look alike or anything..