Thanks To Instagram (Camila/You)

Thanks To Instagram (Camila/You)

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ArianaToMyGrande By ArianaToMyGrande Updated May 15, 2016

Y/n was a popular Youtuber with a huge crush on Camila.

One day his friend dares him to post a picture of his crush.

What happens when Camila sees his post? Would she feel the same way?

rcquirement rcquirement Apr 03, 2016
Hi, I can make you a cover for this if you would like. Pm me
MyaMorgan895 MyaMorgan895 Jun 23, 2016
I'm from Houston Texas like Lizzza y'all already know what's coming HOUSTON TEXAS BABY
Allysus_is_watching Allysus_is_watching Nov 16, 2016
Yes I like Ally being captain. Dinah is a great captain but Ally needs a turn
Awkward_Derp Awkward_Derp Feb 19, 2016
Chelsea is the only one that I allow to make that Sixth Harmony joke
TiffOGara TiffOGara Apr 23, 2016
Lol I'm like 4" something almost 5" so I'm happy about being this tall 😂😂
Jaelyn_Lockett Jaelyn_Lockett Oct 07, 2016
If she watched my vids then she would know I gotta crush on her😭