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The Alpha Meets The Rejected

The Alpha Meets The Rejected

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Moe the Giraffe By xX_Dream_Mystical_Xx Completed

-Sequel to TFMTA, but sorry, this may not make much sense since I am rewriting TFMTA, but once I'm done with the first book, I will move onto this one and make this better, too!-

Danny is 21 years old, son of the Alpha, youngest of three kids. Having a fun packed, adventure filled life. Having a loving family. Life was great for him, well until he met his mate, which was supposed to be one of the greatest moments for every living werewolf. 

What was so different with Danny? Well, except for that the fact his mate rejected him for someone else? Nothing, really, apart from him changing his total personality into the complete opposite of what he used to be.

Going from the cheerful, happy, social person, to a lonely, dark, secretive person can change everyone's opinion about you. None being good either.

Danny is also now reckless and goes off doing his own thing, ignore his family, and people who care for him, basically cutting off from the entire pack. Rarely people see him, and when they do, they only see him at night or lurking the shadows. Some might mistake him for being a vampire. But very few know the reasons behind Danny actions and change of personality.

The only person Danny truly trusts, is his adoptive big sister, Lana. But she is never around, always traveling with her mate, going around the world doing all that. Mia, who is his biological sister, is going to be taking over the pack with her mate soon.

So where does that leave Danny? Lonely. Shadowed. Unnoticed.

But that changes when his dad forces Danny into going with him to another pack to form an alliance. 

Will the Fates be cruel, or actually give in?

Will Danny accept the outcome of everything? Or will he walk away?

You can never be sure.

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