South Park x Reader

South Park x Reader

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The Only Ghost By Ani_GhostWriter Updated Sep 15

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In this quiet little mountain town. This is where all these troublemaking yet; funny kids in South park have awesome adventures. Now, you're apart of it as well. Just write down below which character(s) you want to request and the ghostwriter is here to make your dreams come true ^_^.

     I'll also be making my own little oneshots about these fourth graders.

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CoffeeShark CoffeeShark Sep 18
My hair is always bed head you cant fix that bitch
                              Also it would be straight but forever bed head
Tem-tom Tem-tom Nov 12
I have 3 ideas that just popped into my head
                              1. Genderbent Kenny x female reader
                              2. Kyle x nerdy!d&d player! Reader
                              3.  Cartmen x flirty! Roleplayer(as in place the games they play like in the stick of truth and the fractured but whole)! Reader
Me: Boi I dont need to skate I got YOI for that
                              Yuuri: *comes out dancing Eros*
I've been hit by a football before it didnt hurt but my lord if i could feel pain on my head then DEAR LIRD
InkyDaisy InkyDaisy Aug 12
When Eric becomes transexual:
                              His name is Erin Cartman😂😂😂
So I know I'm only on the second chapter of your one-shots, but I love how there all long and make sense. Like for example the ones I've read before are all so short and dull.