South Park x Reader

South Park x Reader

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The Only Ghost By Ani_GhostWriter Updated Jan 19

In this quiet little mountain town. This is where all these troublemaking, yet funny kids in South park have awesome adventures. Now, you're apart of it as well. Just write down below which character(s) you want to request and the ghostwriter is here to make your dreams come true ^_^.

     I'll also be making my own little oneshots about these fourth graders.

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Rayartist Rayartist Jan 24
Half the time i cant even remember my age an hour after my birthday
I would have pulverized them and make them into human pretzels
HetaGarden1 HetaGarden1 Mar 11
Wait, wait, wait... what happened with the scissors? I don’t think this is ever explained. What did she do?
Aww Scott Malkinson 
                              "Hi I'm Scott Malkinson and I have Diabetes!
                              And I use them to save the world!"
                              "How did you get diabetes Malkinson?"
                              "Oh I got them by when I was being born my mom then farted on me and that gave the powers of DIABETES!"
                              Everyone - Should we tell him or-
                              Me: -GLARE- DONT EVEN
blossyum blossyum Feb 08
As someone who really ships Staig, I'd very much love to see this happen ♡ lmaoo
whomstan whomstan Mar 07
Where’s the Kyle appreciation at bc that was not an easy catch