South Park x Reader

South Park x Reader

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The Only Ghost By Ani_GhostWriter Updated Jan 19

In this quiet little mountain town. This is where all these troublemaking, yet funny kids in South park have awesome adventures. Now, you're apart of it as well. Just write down below which character(s) you want to request and the ghostwriter is here to make your dreams come true ^_^.

     I'll also be making my own little oneshots about these fourth graders.

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*breaks the fourth wall* Bish I don't care about no bunny kill it if ya want to!
Ok so I already have blonde hair so is this hair longer cuz my hair already is short like my best friend
Whats wrong with Scott Malkinson, huh?! He's a good person! Its because he has diabetes isn't it?!
Fun fact. In those they don’t actually kiss, it’s an actors kiss when one had is against the cheek the thumb blocks their lips secretly
Reader: Why are all the cute guys either taken or gay?!
                              Kyle: IM RIGHT hErE!!
I have an older brother and two older sisters. It Sucks being the youngest.