Strictly Business

Strictly Business

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Caitlin By thisiscait Updated Dec 31, 2015

He pushed her forcefully against the wall, knocking the air from her lungs. 

Without hesitation, her hand shot out and slapped him across the face. Her mother did not raise her to be treated in such a manner. She was a woman and he would respect her as such. 

Immediately, he released his hold on her. She gathered herself, smoothed her slightly crumpled blouse and proceeded to exit the room.

In all his life, Alexander Castellanos had never been slapped by a woman, not even his own mother. He stood, shell-shocked, as he watched Caroline Galanis, the woman that had been on his mind for the last twenty years, walk out of his office.

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z_rita z_rita Jun 28, 2017
U re an amazing writer..pretty please can you continue..because am already excited
boofuckyouhoo boofuckyouhoo Nov 28, 2017
this is really good!! love this story and hope you can continue it coz im already obsessed after just 2 chapters
Sushi_Lyfu Sushi_Lyfu Apr 29, 2017
Yeah go for it 
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LizzieJilessmith LizzieJilessmith Aug 30, 2017
Read the first chapter where I s the rest if the story, please update your story.
YellowFlwr YellowFlwr Apr 30, 2017
Your such a talented writer!! Already in love with this book!!
JJMWG12 JJMWG12 Sep 27, 2017
This is amazing. You should continue this story. Never doubt your writing abilities