Vorelox One-shots

Vorelox One-shots

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These are full of fluff, microphilia, and vore. 

Don't like? Don't read or leave hateful comments. 

Like? Go right ahead.

Don't know what vore is? Vore is the general fantasy of one organism consuming another, in many ways possible, like for real-life example a snake swallowing a mouse. It can be ideologically sensitive to some/many, so if you don't like it, then don't feel you have to go hating on dis.

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TKDitto613 TKDitto613 Jul 13, 2016
Im a bit confused...what exactly is a 'storage stomach'? Is it a real thing...or something you made up?
                              If it is real...is it like a squirrel and chipmunk's cheek pouches?
-DrinkYourGodamnMilk -DrinkYourGodamnMilk Sep 02, 2016
I bet my friend checks her news feed and sees me on this: friend: WHAT ARE YOU READING?!
                              Me:.....uh..Skylox...vore... #NO REGRETS
                              *runs away and smashes fourth wall and repairs it an stays inside*
                              Hi Ty! Hi Adam! Hi DERP SQUID*punches* HI DERP SSUNDEE! HI IAN
i_ship_jmin i_ship_jmin Mar 01, 2017
I can just imagine him squatting down next to the potion and doing a dab in front of it
NightmareBonniee NightmareBonniee Feb 12, 2016
Awesome book so far, I love it! But can I ask a question?
                              Do you think you can make a part 2 to this chapter? It's my favourite one out of all! :D
CrazyPupNCo CrazyPupNCo Dec 31, 2015
Seto no one wants you to speak about the inside of a pred! that was my first thought when reading this XD