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(No longer active on this account and will no longer continue this book. Ask around for my new profile to see it if you wish.)

This is a Creepypasta yaoi book. Most chapters are old but, have newer versions of them.

Yaoi is basically two males having intercourse. If you do not like yaoi, please leave. But of course, you won't. Your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked.

Masky and Hoody are not in this book any longer. They are Marble Hornets characters. Not Creepypasta characters.

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tIn-tIn42 tIn-tIn42 Mar 29
OMG. @Call_Me_Strange  xD i dont like to read these kind of stuff but since im bored, imma read it. I  havent read yet but i will try xD. (My imagination got destroyed when one time i tried to read this stuff xD)
kckiller kckiller Jul 11
Ummm in every story they make jeff have a huge...  I'm not gonna even say it you know what I mean
Reminds me of this weird smut I read that was between toby and Slenderman, it reminds me of that cause they did it 13 times. Huh....
*me hiding behind a tree * I feel like I should help but I'mma watch
.....really? There not 70's porn star.....well jeff might be but thats besides the point+
The best thing is Jeff actually COUNTED the minutes. So I'm asking : did he plan that rape session on tobster?