The Most Creepy Yaoi Pasta (MATURE WARNING)

The Most Creepy Yaoi Pasta (MATURE WARNING)

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FamousFandomWriter By BabuGurl Updated Feb 05

This is a Creepypasta yaoi book. Most chapters are old but, have newer versions of them.

Yaoi is basically two males having intercourse. If you do not like yaoi, please leave. But of course, you won't. Your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked.

Masky and Hoody are not on this book any longer. They are Marble Hornets characters. Not Creepypasta characters.

Book (c) BabuGurl
Book Cover (c) BabuGurl

Creepypasta Characters (c) Their Owners

Mimi00creepz Mimi00creepz Oct 26, 2016
*me under the bed* hahahahhaha I'm showing this to everyone hahahahahh
Okay I have a lady boner and a nosebleed thank you I'm gonna go find some tissue 😣😣😣
I read eerie as Ernie and I was thinking wtf why is Ernie in this story until I reread it