◇◆I Will Always Love You◆◇(girlxgirl)(kryber)

◇◆I Will Always Love You◆◇(girlxgirl)(kryber)

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Anonymousreader By supermous Updated Jan 09, 2016

Krystal wanted her first boyfriend to be perfect. Someone she could be proud of. But Amber wasnt like that. Amber was the campus nerd.....a lanky boyish nerd.And worse,she was her girlfriend an she was ashamed of her.


But the saying: "You dont know what you've got until its gone"happened to her. She lost Amber on the night of her debut party.


After a few years,Amber came back. Handsome and very attractive.And she was surprised to know  that after all those years she still longed for her.


But Amber was still the same.Imperfect.And most of all,the scandal within Amber's family shocked her.


Would she do the same mistake she did years ago?

credited to MyRippedJeans

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grayshinpark grayshinpark Jan 08, 2016
oh,yeahhh ,l remember it in ASIANFANFICS ,you are a author there ,right? ,you're so awesome...
grayshinpark grayshinpark Jan 08, 2016
wow,familiar story l read this somewhere ....l didn't remember where....