Delete | Kim Taehyung

Delete | Kim Taehyung

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시웃 By dominants Completed

How can the delete button reveal the backspaced, surpressed feelings?

:: read backspace first ::

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-splashy -splashy Nov 01
same i slept for 20 hours one time and hell i was still sleepy
___Shaina_ ___Shaina_ Nov 01
this is funny because whalein 52 is playing right now and it says "my taelien"
JoiePanda JoiePanda Nov 11
My best friend legit slept for 26+ hours. I kept waiting for her replies back then haha
can someone actually tell me about this devil's hour or wtv you called it bc im dead scared for no reason rn
multibiased multibiased Sep 26
I'm so confuzzled I had enter in my library and I clicked on it and it said error and I was like WHAT THE NOODLES and then I put on my detective gear and when on ur page and pressed works and I saw delete and now I think this is the sequel but idk bc I get confused easily
I'm still confused about what to read, I'm planning to see Unspoken bUT let's see about this one.