The Other Dimension

The Other Dimension

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The queen of cringe By the_blue_alpaca Completed

A sky army and minecraft diaries collab

When Jess, Jin, Shelby, Ross, Alesa, sky, Unica and Barney travel to another dimension Jess sees a couple of friendly faces 

They face danger, arguments, jealousy and drama but will their friendship break or become something better?

Find out in this story

I do not own any of the characters here only the story

Ps: this book is not fully edited but I'm working on it as you read

Tiger2627 Tiger2627 Jan 24
Don't  worry I didn't find out till right now I thought it was just a relation on these fanfics :)
Crazy4abby Crazy4abby Jul 06, 2016
Does this remind any one else of what happened when Ford was sucked in his portal thing?
Reading this feels awkward since Shubble and Ross are cousins but whatever
CrystalNoteSkies CrystalNoteSkies Oct 15, 2016
                              Dont mind my weirdness its just a side affect of awesome.(If u get this I love you)
DJNikki10 DJNikki10 Dec 29, 2015
I loved this .... Pls make more books .. I love your stories ..... #JinMau
EwCorruptedEdd EwCorruptedEdd Dec 28, 2015
This is so cool!!!! ....wait I was the first one to read it ?