Room 69

Room 69

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Phoebe By D3athT0Panda5 Updated Aug 04

Welcome to Mira's Inn.  A large hotel with over one hundred rooms.  On the second floor, is one massive suite.  This is the special room, Room 69.  In this room, unknowing victims, I mean customers, are placed.

Natsu Dragneel is the owner of a small business, inherited off his father.  On his way to a business trip, he stays in the inn, and is placed in Room 69.

Lucy Heartfilia is ten years younger than Natsu, aged 17.  She's just finished at school, and is writing a novel.  On her travels for inspiration, she decided to stay at Mira's Inn.

CaityTheDarkAngel CaityTheDarkAngel 5 days ago
My breasts are not average, if i had the makeup and short hair, I could pass for a boy
You are one else think Mira ship Lucy with  Natsu soon as she saw her so she put her in natsu's room😏
UGH, U DONT EVER TALK TO A GIRL ABOUT LOSIN IT, UNLESS... well you know... at the time...
This is why you should never ever let mria choose your room or own a hotel
Smh now I feel like getting some toast or pop tarts with fruit! DAMN YOU STORY!!! 
                              I would've gotten it anyways.
Clawdeen90 Clawdeen90 Jan 16
BRUH I can't play monopoly coz knowing myself there would be game pieces EVERYWHERE under the couches in the bathroom my dogs bed