Room 69

Room 69

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Welcome to Mira's Inn.  A large hotel with over one hundred rooms.  On the second floor, is one massive suite.  This is the special room, Room 69.  In this room, unknowing victims, I mean customers, are placed.

Natsu Dragneel is the owner of a small business, inherited off his father.  On his way to a business trip, he stays in the inn, and is placed in Room 69.

Lucy Heartfilia is ten years younger than Natsu, aged 17.  She's just finished at school, and is writing a novel.  On her travels for inspiration, she decided to stay at Mira's Inn.

  • fairytail
  • lemon
  • nalu
  • romance
Naluyummyicecream Naluyummyicecream Dec 22, 2017
Thank you Mira your a goddess I your me fav character thank you thank you thank you
iluvlulu iluvlulu Jan 19
Sorry but I just finished playing doki doki for the past 5 hours straight and Mira is giving me Monika vibes.....
Zara3369 Zara3369 Mar 11
I feel the same way I'm avererage but my breast deffinetly not
I'm sorry but when people have an attitude I automatically set tf off like I will start yelling and be so damn extra but that's how I am so if I was Lucy I will whip around on my heels and go tf off I'm sry 😂😂😂😂
LoveisLoveisLoveis LoveisLoveisLoveis Dec 01, 2017
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If people don’t like your story then they can just not read it and mind their own business. You write what you want to write