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I'm not going back to you... (a knb fanfic)

I'm not going back to you... (a knb fanfic)

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angella Gueriña By anime_addict_mavis Updated a day ago

"you're incredibly useless." -kagami
"you are no longer needed for the basketball team tetsuya." -akashi
"I want to crush kuro-chin." -murasakibara
"I don't need you anymore tetsu." -aomine
"please leave me alone kuroko-cchi." -kise
"kuroko... you are just a nuisance nanodayo." -midorima
"kuroko-kun.... could you please quit the basketball team?" -riko
"kuroko.. we don't need you anymore.. " -seirin (except teppei)
"am I really that useless? I really want to die... " -kuroko

those hurtful words.....I didn't expect them to change..... I'm all alone now huh? then I guess I really can't change them back to normal no matter what I do... only momoi-san and teppei-senpai is at my side. I wish I could die... well I guess I should become a singer then. No one cares on what I do.... maybe I should go to nii-san's school then. Maybe I could form a basketball club there. That's right I'll get revenge. no one can stop me when my right eye is blood red anyway. 

guys 4th story here!! enjoy!!!

Oh! Another book to read that can irritate me! How wonderful!
Suga4Life Suga4Life Dec 29, 2016
*gets out a sniper*
                              What did you say again?
                              Can you please repeat it? 
                              I couldn't hear over your stupidity. (;一_一)
Silver_PhantomStar Silver_PhantomStar Feb 01, 2016
oh im very sorry fans of kagami-kun and akashi-kun i didnt mean to call them idiot....sorry...and also sorry author-san.....
ArieannaJayne ArieannaJayne Feb 17, 2016
Curse you Gom and Seirin. Haha kuroko will make you suffer. Okay no, i'm not evil but i hate when gom or seirin betrayed kuroko. But this cool.
ArieannaJayne ArieannaJayne Feb 17, 2016
Yes because kuroko's voice actor is a singer and my favourite actor, Kensho Ono