Life As A Kpopstar.

Life As A Kpopstar.

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First chapter isn't really a chapter. Very short very boring.

It hasn't even been a week since we have debuted, but we're nominated (?) for Artist Of The Week, on Inkigayo. It felt great.

( Outfit in media made in a hurry by meself. Red top is wrapped around waist btw.)

We go ontstage for rehearsal for On Top after doing Love Me Like You.
It was good. We watch it backstage.
" Be more happy! Show some smiles!" Sunmi unni said. 
My rap comes on. " SHH!" 
" You did good! Now lets go eat!" Bo oppa pushes us away from the monitor.
I power walk to our dressing room.
We had ddeokbukki to eat. And I love my ddeokbukki. 
It was on the table as soon as I walked in. I sat down.
" Thank you for the meal!" I rush and start eating my bowl of ddeokbukki.
" Ya! Do you know how to wait?!" Bo growls as the girls do the exact same as I did.
We grin. 
Later on Youngbae and G-Dragon sunbae come in. They were gonna come up onstage if we won.

The dancer and Rewind gathered in a circle. We...

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