The A.C.P program (jelsa)

The A.C.P program (jelsa)

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Guys, dont be mad but iam CharniqueM! Yeah account lost stuff happened but now iam re-creating all my books! Dont worry.


Sometimes people make mistakes, but they dont want to let them go, but theres a way to get out of that mistake, well not really but a way to forget it. Like you never made it at all.

Elsa Arendelle was a special worker for the A.C.P program, the American Cheater Program, unhappy married people would sign contracts with the workers of their choice and get down and dirty.

Jack Frost had made a mistake in his life and he wanted out, his only hope now was to try and forget that, his family recommended A.C.P and he went thinking it was for the best.

These two worlds clash and soon mind blowing sex entagles Elsa in the desire of Jack Frost. All of this while keeping it a secret from his wife. Rapunzle Corona. 

Rapunzle doesnt want to be named Frost. Anyone want to know why?

Athena16074 Athena16074 Nov 05
I love Charlotte and devila a part timer and do u watch sord art online
Really. Couldn't find anything better huh. I hope you never use that agin
Yes I do. I love Sword Art Online though I wasn't such a fan of the second season.
Oh, and I give it a check mark☑✅✔ and up arrows  👆🔝⬆🔼🔺 and a thumbs up 👍👍👍👍 and a 💯% grade, to say, it's a REALLY good so far. Anyone who agrees with me, reply to this comment.
Dude. If u have a favorite anime u aren't a tru otaku. That question is literally impossible for an otaku to answer
OML ITS FAIRY TAIL FOR MAVIS' SAKE! NOT FAIRYTALE. And what's up with all these mainstream animes? 🤔