Optimus Prime x Female Reader(Human)book1*Under Edit*

Optimus Prime x Female Reader(Human)book1*Under Edit*

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Y/n :your name
F/c:Favorite color
E/c:Your eyes color
Your job: A famous detective
F/s:Favorite song
(Sorry about my English)

A/n: I'm thinking about deleting it (I read it again and...I was speechless) but because it is my first fanfiction so...Let's keep it! :P

...You probably don't want to read it,trust me

eelram12 eelram12 Sep 14
ok no you can't do this; 'I saw 2 trucks behind me' that is just lazy writing, and doing this; ex: person- hi bro!
                              that is just bad writing, your story has a decent plot to it but you need proper grammer.
Aphhhhhmau2 Aphhhhhmau2 Nov 08
You can search cybertronian slang and it will pop up in the results
                              I think I used the Wikipedia one to learn this stuff
eelram12 eelram12 Sep 14
this can be taking as an attack or constructive  critisism take it one way or the other
AmyCatto AmyCatto Mar 15
Oh and my Favourite colour is Blue and my favourite song is. It's going to be you me and Optimus prime :) that's a song on YouTube :)
AmyCatto AmyCatto Mar 15
I'll be that girl that has no name :) I never been in a story before I'll tell you what my thing is just in case.     Hair colour: Brown,  eye colour: Brown and my name is Amy :)
ambergalway ambergalway Jan 24
Oh and Megatron aka galvatron for the TF4 is silver and black with yellow optics :-)