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❝That war was a disease. She felt the winds of the gathering storm; could feel the malignity of the immoral gluttony moving through her veins.❞

      When the fight ends you can afford to relax. That's the worst part. Winner or loser you have again eyes to see around you. Blood, butchered bodies, bodies penetrated by arrows and bullets. You stir inside, your heart tightens, the feeling of loss wells up. The sense of smell is the next thing to revive, adding a new dimension of pain. It's then the emptiness that swallows you and you mourn inside.

      Carter began to understand darkness: darkness as something solid and real, so much more than a simple absence of light. She felt it touch her skin, questing, moving, exploring; gliding through her mind. It slipped into her lungs, consuming her heart, behind her eyes and into her mouth. And with the darkness came the blurring of the line between good and evil--using the destruction of her past to persuade her over to the winning side.

      Everyone in the world can be persuaded with a bit of fortune, especially when a supernatural deadpool is issued and everyone Carter knows and cares about are on it - including herself. She has to once again work to keep herself from being merely another price out for grabs. The events in Beacon Hills are taking its toll on her, and this time, she might not be strong enough to fight back.

      ❝Whatever we did that night, what those things did to me while I was trapped inside, I think it's still happening.❞

[ season four & five ]
[ book three of the silent guardian series ]
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MySweetFangs MySweetFangs Aug 11, 2016
I'm in the middle of season 4 right now, I can't read this book until the end of season 5 ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh