The Seven Deadly Sins: Two Paths, One Choice

The Seven Deadly Sins: Two Paths, One Choice

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After she left the Holy Knights of Liones, (Y/N) has no where to turn to. There is no one there to help her...she is all alone...One day, when she was protecting a certain young boy and woman from bandits, she finds out it's the young foretold king of Camelot, Arthur Pentdragon, and the magical mage of Camelot, Merlin.

Now set to 10 years in time, (Y/N) is now one of the strongest warriors at Camelot. She is also the Grand Master of the Holy Knights of Camelot. Her beauty is through her looks and also how she treats her Knights...except when she gets mad at Arthur when he flirts around with her. She could ask for a better life that this...

When she is set on a mission to go to Liones with Arthur and Merlin to see King Baltra, she hides herself in an armor to hide herself from something in Liones that she does not want to reconize her, but considering on who opened the door to Liones, (Y/N) had no choice but to see the face of the man who she doesn't want to get hurt...

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DragonGirl_97 DragonGirl_97 Mar 28, 2016
There were a couple of mistakes but I really liked this story! I haven't read many Fanfictions from the perspective of a Holy Knight, especially with 'that' love interest (don't want to give any spoilers). Can't wait to read more!