Craving You (Yandere Males x Reader)

Craving You (Yandere Males x Reader)

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Ran By niatisya Updated Apr 28, 2017

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"Hi, (Name). You promised me you'll stay by my side, right..? Then.. Why aren't you here? Come closer. I won't bite. I'll only love you, and trust me, (Name) dear, I won't be nice to you. So, let's start your never ending nightmare."

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freelittlegirl freelittlegirl May 22, 2017
When he said I f love you I was like okay than this is awkward
RavenArtist RavenArtist Jan 01
Am I the only one who doesn't actually insert their name while reading, but create a completely different character in my mind, while using Japanese names to fit the atmosphere...? 
                              Yep, thought so.
RavenArtist RavenArtist Jan 01
Pfft, I was hoping someone would say something, but I was expecting it to be a comment XD
kmbkookie_ kmbkookie_ Jun 24, 2017
SOUND THE RAPE ALARM!!!! IT'S 2319!! A 2319!! WAIT! IT'S A 69, I REPEAT, IT'S A 69
Me and my friend group have a joke that if someone calls us a bitch we just thank them and take it as a compliment or look at them like they are stupid and ask if they can think of anything else to call us that we haven't heard before
LoggingOutOfLife LoggingOutOfLife Feb 18, 2017
Idk why but I'm triggered cause of your grammar. 
                              You did NOTHING wrong.
                              I'm just easily triggered.