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Craving You (Yandere Males x Reader)

Craving You (Yandere Males x Reader)

45.2K Reads 1.3K Votes 17 Part Story
Ran By niatisya Updated Feb 18

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"Hi, (Name). You promised me you'll stay by my side, right..? Then.. Why aren't you here? Come closer. I won't bite. I'll only love you, and trust me, (Name) dear, I won't be nice to you. So, let's start your never ending nightmare."

Hey,guys! If you want to request a yandere story, you can comment your request on my profile.Please check my other yandere books~ And I can't update on weekdays. Only weekends.


RavenAnimelovergirl RavenAnimelovergirl Dec 29, 2016
Oh...... that's great~... now I don't need to DISPOSE OF THEM~☺️
*grabs pocket knife* totch my hair and you'll be scalped. Hurt me and I'll stab your scrawny ass.
MollyDonuts MollyDonuts Jan 30
I'm gonna be a bachelor my whole life...  
                              DEATH OF A BACHELOR!!
RavenAnimelovergirl RavenAnimelovergirl Dec 29, 2016
Cuz he crazy............ CRAZY IN LOVE WITH U......( I'm sorrry)
Niah_c_xoxo Niah_c_xoxo Jan 11
*clears throat* *cue Australian accent* and here we have a pack of wild b!tches in their natural habitat. The poor reader must slap dem b!tches in order to get past. Let's sit back and watch the action *takes out popcorn*
MollyDonuts MollyDonuts Feb 18
Idk why but I'm triggered cause of your grammar. 
                              You did NOTHING wrong.
                              I'm just easily triggered.