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Revenge of the Princess

Revenge of the Princess

10.9K Reads 343 Votes 22 Part Story
Scarlett_ Akumi By Diamond_Cheney Updated Jan 26

After Lisanna appears back at Fairy Tail, she tries to make everyone forget about Lucy especially Natsu. Lucy being hurt and called weak and getting bullied has had enough and decides to leave and train to become more powerful. With the help of Loke, they are able to find a forest where the dragons are in hiding. After the dragons hear her story they are willing to help her gain more power. Once completing her training she is known as the Celestial Dragon Princess and  she decides to join Sabertooth and get her revenge on Fairy Tail.After her revenge she is called to return to the dragon realm and help the dragons defeat the great evil and Lucy goes on another adventure to find the great evil. Along her journey she meets an interesting black wizard who she believes is better than what the world calls him and they go on an adventure.(I wont say anymore for that part or it will give it away.....)

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