My Adventures With The Davis Boys

My Adventures With The Davis Boys

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16 year old Carter Thompson has just found out that her parents were killed in a car crash. She is sent off to live with her parents best friends Jack and Sarah, but what she doesn't know is that they have 14 boys!

Yes 14, can you believe it? Carter wasn't the one to make friends so she had very few and she doesn't talk to anybody now except Sarah. Sarah gets her to open up about her true feelings and Carter tries to warm up to the boys

Living with 14 boys will be hard, but it's easy if you try to avoid talking to anyone. Join Carter in her adventures with the Davis boys

i am not gonna remember anyone maybe 2 or 3 help😂😂😭
Heyimagination Heyimagination Jul 11, 2016
Oh mi God yes!!!!!!! I went on one with my little cousins a month ago
bellyboo04 bellyboo04 7 days ago
^^*prints the picture out and writes everyone's names, ages, and grade*😂
emilycrandall1 emilycrandall1 Sep 21, 2016
Dude I want 4 things of cotton candy for $5 that's like my weakness imma be 500 pounds when I'm poor
pandawub13 pandawub13 Aug 13, 2016
You don't hear me when I say mom please wake up dads with a slut and your son is smoking cannabis
drw7777 drw7777 Jul 26, 2016
Is it wrong I'm laughing, like it's just a car chill 😂😂😂😂💀