My Adventures With The Davis Boys

My Adventures With The Davis Boys

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16 year old Carter Thompson has just found out that her parents were killed in a car crash. She is sent off to live with her parents best friends Jack and Sarah, but what she doesn't know is that they have 14 boys!

Yes 14, can you believe it? Carter wasn't the one to make friends so she had very few and she doesn't talk to anybody now except Sarah. Sarah gets her to open up about her true feelings and Carter tries to warm up to the boys

Living with 14 boys will be hard, but it's easy if you try to avoid talking to anyone. Join Carter in her adventures with the Davis boys

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  • family
  • grief
  • happiness
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Curtaingurl Curtaingurl Apr 09
Michael clifford?? Is that u???😮😮😮😂😂😂😉😉
Friend: how many crushes do you have
                              Friend:what why??!!!?!😕😕😕😕
                              Just kidding
^^^makes extra copies to not forget and send to everyone that's reading this book
HarryPugger HarryPugger Aug 21
@forever_Jen_ this is quite similar to a story already on wattpad, 
                              My life with the Walter boys. 
                              Like almost exactly the same.
                              We wouldn't want your work to have been copied! :) just thought id let you know :)
i am not gonna remember anyone maybe 2 or 3 help😂😂😭
bellyboo04 bellyboo04 Feb 17
^^*prints the picture out and writes everyone's names, ages, and grade*😂