5sos Sex Slave

5sos Sex Slave

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Liz By vampiregirl166 Updated Nov 09

Y/N- you
M/N- mums name
E/B/F- ex boyfriend name (can be anyone except for 5sos)

Your mums an alcoholic, your dad has died from cancer, and you were abused by your previous Boyfriend. That's not until you were sold by your own mother for a "better life" as 5sos 's sex slave.

WARNING! INVOLVES CUTTING AND A LOT OF SEXUAL CONTENT... and like language but if you are reading this, you should be fucking old enough to take some harsh language.

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i'd like turn around and be like 'SEEYA BITCH 😃🖕🏻' and smack her or something lol
damn and here i was thinking Mikey would be the nice one 🤔 Maybe Luke then 🤞🏻
lacskid lacskid Jun 23
If that was me I would have said" I can't pick for Wednesday because I don't want to hurt the other three boys feelings ."
Lol every fanfic I've read has free days after ashy....Im starting to get why
Not even gonna lie this is along the lines of whenever I leave the house and actually get a 'goodbye' 😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼
Duality2 Duality2 Apr 21
That was the line from the beginning guys the writer probably just copied it by mistake. .-.