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Secrets (markson)

Secrets (markson)

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_eh_whatever_ By _eh_whatever_ Updated Jul 02, 2016

Mark was known to be someone easy to pick on since he looked so feminine. Never fought back for his own rights. Jackson had just moved to Korea from Hong Kong and he just happened to rent the same house as mark just another room.  After hearing rumors about mark from his friends, he had started to avoid mark until curiosity kicked in. Where does he always go right after school? Why does he always wear long sleeves and never changes infront of him or Even for gym? Will he get to know marks secret? Read and find out more!! 

A/N thank you or reading! Please don't take any of the ideas and please comment and vote for this book! I have written other books so please check then out and enjoy!

Wait a second why he bullying Mark for being feminine bITCH HAVE YOU SEEN JIN?
Capriey Capriey Apr 23, 2016
How did you know he was gay?.. Don't jumped into a fast conclusion bro.. I always checking on someone too but I'm straight
issy186700 issy186700 Dec 30, 2016
I know its Namjoon but a kid with the nickname rap monster would probs be the one getting bullied lmaoo
-dazedking -dazedking Nov 13, 2016
I check out people's collar bones that doesn't mean I'm collar bonesexual (idk just go with it)
papanugs papanugs Jun 13, 2016
MissFanfiktion MissFanfiktion Oct 18, 2016
You know I check shoes out too but that doesnt mean I am shoesexual