Imagines // Wes Tucker

Imagines // Wes Tucker

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fluffywes By fluffywes Updated Mar 27

"Get up, sweetie. It's Christmas." My mom came into my room to wake me up. I smiled and slowly opened my eyes to see her standing there with a letter in her hands.

"It's from Wes." She smirked and handed it to me, walking out again. I sat up and slowly opened the envelope, trying not to rip it. I unfolded the letter and started to read it.

Dear Y/N,

I was lying in bed last night at 3 AM and I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking of you and how much I love you. I am so happy and lucky to be your boyfriend, to be the one you kiss every day, to be the one who comforts you when you are sad, to see your beautiful eyes and stunning smile every day, to simply love you with all my heart. Right then I thought of a perfect Christmas gift for you.

There will be a lot of hints you will have to follow to get to your first gift, the gift that means most to me. It's a personal gift and I hope you love it. However, you will still get another gift, under the Christmas tree, but that's for tonight...

2nd_l_i_a_s 2nd_l_i_a_s Sep 16
"Go ahead explain!"
                              "Don't explain, I forgive you. Now fúck me."
I was reading this and hadthe  Be Alright cover of him singing on repeat, I wanted to cry
2nd_l_i_a_s 2nd_l_i_a_s Sep 16
Lol, I read "I quickly drove to my car and walked away, making sure he wasn't drugging me" 
                              There's something wrong with my brain
damnxxdylan damnxxdylan Jul 06
That's my fav show too. Stelena or Delena? I'm a Stelena shipper.