The Monster in Me (Markiplier Fanfiction) {COMPLETED}

The Monster in Me (Markiplier Fanfiction) {COMPLETED}

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"P... please let me go," Mark croaked as the scientist smiled ominously above him. The cruel man only tightened the binds in response as he injected a long needle into Mark's arm and pumped some type of purple liquid into his arms. Mark screamed out in pain as he felt his body snapping and twisting in on itself, as the other man laughed harshly in glee.

"There we go... I've found the perfect formula..."

Mark Fischbach AKA famous Youtuber Markiplier had always been a fan of engineering, science and experimenting for the greater good. So when he gets what seems to be a valid email telling him to come in and do some experimentation for the greater good with promises of a "breakthrough for years to come" Mark is excited to be a part of it. However things aren't always what they seem, and the experiment is definitely not what he expected it to be. 

~I'm not afraid of werewolves or vampires or even haunted hotels. I'm afraid of what real human beings do to other real human beings.~

Disclaimer: I don't own Markiplier, Darkiplier, or any other mentioned youtubers.

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07TacOcaT70 07TacOcaT70 Feb 13
I am a fangirl, but I know to respect Mark. He’s a person, he needs his privacy etc. sadly, however, a lot of people seem to not realise that.  (Plus, I like to ship Septiplier, but Amyplier is one of my OTPs)
CCG3slf3 CCG3slf3 Aug 15, 2017
now that I look at this for the who knows how long time, I thought of NateWantsToBattle's song. it had 'Just sleep' a few times in a row
SnappingTable19 SnappingTable19 Jun 30, 2017
*reads bronze haired man with handsome features*
                              Brain: No this guy can't be trusted imagine him like this...
                              Imagination: A fat business man with grey hair! And bald at the top of his head!!
greenflamelover15 greenflamelover15 Oct 17, 2016
welp goodbye mark but you should probaly go tell jack he'll be worried
lover_of_hope lover_of_hope Feb 01, 2017
I love books that have me into them before the first chapter! Can't wait to read more but I should sleep its eleven PM and my mom will kill me if I wake up late again heh heh or take away a my phone both pretty bad so I look forward to reading more of your content in the morning
lover_of_hope lover_of_hope Feb 01, 2017
Everyone always get mad when I'm curious and say curiosity killed the cat and I always reply with 'satisfaction brout its back"