My Brothers and I

My Brothers and I

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S.K By -Lemon Updated Oct 12

Meet America Gold. She is the youngest out off all her siblings and she is the only girl. America's mom died when there was complications giving birth to her and her twin (who is 48 minutes older) and her father lives in New York so he can work without distractions, so she lives with her brothers. 

When America starts high school she makes a deal with her brothers. Nobody can know she is their sister. America wants a life away from the girls asking her for their numbers and the whole school trying to know her personal life. She wants to focus on her grades and she knows she can't at home but she wants to try to stay away from the family drama at school.

Book is deleted. I'm going to be rewriting but I'm not sure when.

olivi8 olivi8 Oct 13
I loved your book and I always will even if it's not here, can't wait to read more of your amazing works!!!! Happy birthday💖
Niamhm98 Niamhm98 Oct 12
HAPPY 15th !!! I loved this book can't wait until you start writing again :D
Happy birthday!! But this book wasn't sloppy really at all! I thought it was great!! But since you're the writer do what makes YOU happy!!  And whenever you make the new published version, I'll definitely check it out!! But seriously though, this book was absolutely terrific!! <3
I understand but if you do delete this book I enjoyed it. It was funny & fun to read I hope I can read that new book soon...okie bye bye💖
Well, Happy birthday! I actually know some people turning 15 tomorrow to.
Yeah it's fine with me that you don't want to keep on writing. Happy Birthday too!