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Tch, shitty Brat. Levi X Reader Lemon

Tch, shitty Brat. Levi X Reader Lemon

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Angie By AestheticWallflowerr Updated Jan 09, 2016

You have a rebellious, stubborn personality, and sometimes don't get along well with others because of your attitude. But what happens when you disrespect your superior one day? Captain Levi will straighten you out the hard way.

A Lemon requested by one of my followers. I forgot the person's user name but oh well... So enjoy Attack on Titan fans!

kisacatdemon kisacatdemon Nov 26, 2016
Though your the one that dragged me I'm here and had me scream like this...
Oh life.
                              What has it come to....
                              *falls over and laughs*
_KawaiiChibiGirl_ _KawaiiChibiGirl_ Oct 09, 2016
This is me when someone steals my chocolate cake. I will bitch slap them so hard and they die
kisacatdemon kisacatdemon Nov 26, 2016 seriously feeling like pervy sage right now. Im a giggling mess with tissues up my nose.
I wouldn't be able to do it. I'd touch his hands on purpose just to see what he'd do
inenna inenna Feb 18
What has my life come to? A GOOD FLIPPING LIFE THAT IS FULL OF SINS!!!