The Alpha and Her Omega

The Alpha and Her Omega

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TC_Ranae By TC_Ranae Updated May 30

The moon was high above us as I took in a deep breath. He was here. I let my instincts take over as I began down the stairs, one at a time. I took another deep breath before turning towards my left. There stood the man of the hour. My heart swelled as I crossed the floor to him. A blush come over his cheeks as I laid my hand on his chest. I inhaled his scent deeply, enjoying how it made my body feel. I pressed my lips to his jawline before whispering in his ear, "I found you."


Clio May Waters is the soon to be Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. When the full moon rises she will find the mate that has been destined to be by her side from the beginning of time. But what happens when that person turns out to be the one person she's never even given a first glance towards? The omega, Noah Blake Evans, who's been in love with her since he'd laid his green eyes on her ice blue ones. And when the world tries to keep them apart, how will they and fate keep it together?

Is anyone else picturing mason from wizards of waverly place? Just me? Ok...
I'm really loving this story so far and I've only just started!
MWAthena MWAthena Mar 06
Who says Male Luna btw? The reason I ask is because they would still both be known as alphas....
LupCouteaux LupCouteaux Oct 19
I really love how the roles are switched! Please continue writing this story!
sareena_15 sareena_15 Aug 18
Rereading this whoop case had to remake my account 😂😭☺️👌🏻awesome af story tho
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jul 09
It's a little bit " different keep up the good work 😀 😀