Parker's Game

Parker's Game

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UniqueAlexJ By UniqueAlexJ Updated Dec 17, 2016

"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment." -Sarah Dessen. 

When Brooklyn Greyson's mom tells her that she got a new job out of the country, Brooklyn is ecstatic. That is until her mother told her that she won't be coming with her.

Instead, Brooklyn is going to be living with her dad in Florida for the rest of her senior year. Her main goal is to stay as hidden to the human eye as possible. But that idea flies out the window just as she encounters the schools most popular and egotistical boys: The Parker brothers.

They seem to find an interest in the new girl. But more importantly, the oldest, Reese Parker, seems to think that she is a stubborn, annoying pest.  He challenges her, tests her and somehow always seems to make her cheeks redder than a cherry.

Join Brooklyn as she enters a new state, a new school, a loco father and the hectic, drama filled group of the Parker brothers. 

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Posted on ( 01/18/16 )

blackjackets blackjackets Feb 10, 2016
Ah this sounds like the fallen crest series (which I adore) so I'm excited to read this
KhiKhiBennett KhiKhiBennett Sep 04, 2016
I would say the same thing if I had to move to my dads lol but Florida sounds like a treat lol
dunbar_beauty dunbar_beauty Jul 02, 2016
I love accents, both of my parents have accents, so that may play a factor as to why
dunbar_beauty dunbar_beauty Jul 02, 2016
Um... I have to keep up appearances so Ima clock yo ass, okay, okay
drea313 drea313 Sep 09, 2016
That boy savage. I would have clocked his ass something serious. He got balls though lol
b00knxrd b00knxrd Oct 04, 2016
A boy came in late to my chemistry class and when the teacher asked him why he was late he told him his dog had ran away.
                              He doesn't even have a dog...