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Right Here, Right Now (Mpreg Aph One Shots)

Right Here, Right Now (Mpreg Aph One Shots)

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Jean Kirschtein By homestuck-hetalia Updated Aug 13, 2016

And many more!
what else is this perfect? ~~

ChineseUnicornPotato ChineseUnicornPotato Aug 14, 2016
Actually( meî you)means (none),not (no).As a Chinese girl this caught my eye.
creepypastagirl122 creepypastagirl122 Jun 02, 2016
Well you made my friend mad
                              I was drinking my water and he sat next to me and I read that line about being pregnant and spat my water then read this
aph_romano aph_romano Jul 11, 2016
Agree with her it's tu, It would've been right if it were "tus hermanos" but since it's one person it's tu
Katsuko-Kinoyu Katsuko-Kinoyu Jun 02, 2016
I'm sorry to correct but it's actually, no seas malo a tu hermano, tus is just not right with a singular word but if it was hermanos than it would be right.
__Hetalia__Germany__ __Hetalia__Germany__ Jun 03, 2016
I'm confused cause Romano is normally the one who is pregnant it's just weird for me