Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios

Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios

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Jasmine By joker_jaz48 Updated Oct 08, 2017

Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to date the characters from Death Note! Well, so do I! So I decided to write this for all the fangirls out there that are obsessed with Death Note and love it's male cast!! 


-L Lawliet

-Light Yagami

-Mello (Mihael Keehl)

- Near (Nate River)

-Matt (Mail Jeevas)

...and if any requests for other characters come in, I may add them, too!

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_Ash_The_Killer_ _Ash_The_Killer_ Aug 21, 2017
Mello: I'm Mello.
                              Me: Cool, but I'm still not working with you.
                              Boss: But-!
                              Me: *smiles at boss* good day. *smile drops, looks at Mello* f*** you. *walks out of the office*
                              Mello: Oh my goodness, I love her already.
                              Yeah, I know. Random.
x_heart_thief_o x_heart_thief_o Jul 18, 2016
*drinks tea while reading* oh interesting *read the old couple line, then chokes on tea* omg
yandereforthebooty yandereforthebooty Mar 12, 2016
Oh ho you just didn't, I'm sorry I just had to say that before any else took my chance.