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Verb (used with object), bruised, bruising. 
to injure by striking or pressing, without breaking the skin

A man by the name of Jonathon settled down with his boyfriend Kyle. Sadly Kyle has developed a drinking problem causing domestic violence.

Fortunately, someone comes around and saves his life forever. Please enter to find out.

Warning ⚠

This book contains rape, violence, and crimes. May not be appropriate for younger minds. 

Read at your own risk.


Is it supernatural? I luv when h2ovanoss books have hybrids and stuff!!!
Tomboyz51ghostlord Tomboyz51ghostlord May 09, 2016
Well, that went down hill, I guess you shouldn't have been wearing a mask to your neighbors house.
IzzySepticEye IzzySepticEye Oct 04, 2016
Well Kyle how bout I give you a high five. 
                              In the neck, 
                              With a chair, 
                              Maid out of steel.
PPL call me a freak cuz I spit on da pussy before I eat em
                              Me: y'd u tell them that? And if u didn't his do they know???
The picture looks like one of the twins that Jake Paul vlogs with... Tell me I'm wrong...
Ploffot Ploffot Aug 30, 2016
dude, when you go to Evan and give him the cake, scratch/rub where you out the foundation on your bruises