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Verb (used with object), bruised, bruising. 
to injure by striking or pressing, without breaking the skin

A man by the name of Jonathon settled down with his boyfriend Kyle. Sadly Kyle has developed a drinking problem causing domestic violence.

Fortunately, someone comes around and saves his life forever. Please enter to find out.

Warning ⚠

This book contains rape, violence, and crimes. May not be appropriate for younger minds. 

Read at your own risk.


Well, that went down hill, I guess you shouldn't have been wearing a mask to your neighbors house.
Well Kyle how bout I give you a high five. 
                              In the neck, 
                              With a chair, 
                              Maid out of steel.
Ploffot Ploffot Aug 30
dude, when you go to Evan and give him the cake, scratch/rub where you out the foundation on your bruises
I don't go to church often... I'm not even Christian... I'm Catholic... XD I have no idea what any the Christian religion is like XD Ive only been to a catholic church, like 7 times? I can't remember... XDDD
Roses are red
                              Their thorns are so prickly 
                              I just wanna say… 
                              That escalated quickly
That's my dad accept he tells me I can old date white guys nobody else and not girls. Which suck because I'm Pansexual