Childish | d.h

Childish | d.h

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"Are you a virgin?" 

"Sir, is that appropriate?"


bdbhehbsb bdbhehbsb 3 days ago
Jump out the window, duh
                              *Remeber when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor*
bdbhehbsb bdbhehbsb 3 days ago
*Grabs bible, prays to GEEsus and YEEsus, puts cross around neck, pours holy water on self* Im ready
If Dan spanks me, I'd low-key enjoy it. (im being creepy again whyy)
                              Hmmm I think he would be an English teacher 😂
Also, my school uses "miss" instead of "ma'am" and it ain't that strict.
bdbhehbsb bdbhehbsb 3 days ago
Read fanfic of you and phil, and mcr, and FOB, and ship you, use your quotes, you are my dad