30 Minutes in Emo/Scene Heaven

30 Minutes in Emo/Scene Heaven

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Result 1: Aaron

You glanced at the bag in front of you with a nervous expression, your lips curling in an unsure grimace with your eyebrows carefully knitted together. Biting the bullet and sticking your hand into the bag, you fished around for a bit until you pulled out a tube of toothpaste.

You held the object in front of your face with an amused expression as you patiently waited for someone to recognize it. You couldn't help but notice about three guys to your left purse their lips in disappointment because they hadn't been picked.

After a second, a boy who you'd seen around school a lot but never had the chance to talk to stood up and grinned cutely in your direction. A few guys around the circle cheered and you bit your lip to hide your excited smile and reluctantly stood up as well as your friend, Alex, led you both to the closet. She winked at you slyly before shutting the door and leaving the both of you in the dimly-lit room.

You leaned your back against the wall and inwa...

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007__shoelace 007__shoelace Aug 30, 2017
Someone wanna hook me up with a real life version of Aaron tho
grimjac594 grimjac594 Nov 15, 2016
Everyone should know by now, when you put 2 horny teens in a small closet SOMETHING is going  to happen