Leaf By Falling Leaf | NALU

Leaf By Falling Leaf | NALU

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The leaves are falling natsu, faster than I can catch them...

Why did you come back?~
Why did you leave?~

A NaLu Au Fanfiction, of love, loss and maybe even elves?

675th in Fanfiction-August 28 2016

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Well this is new. It's not some princess or dragon thing so its not boring. Its different. But that's why I love it. Interesting.
stuffssss stuffssss Mar 12
When I read the description and it said elves I was like 'shet they gon bring snowwhite up in here like that?'
starlessnightskies starlessnightskies Feb 27, 2016
The Road goes ever on and on
                              Down from the door where it began.
                              Now far ahead the Road has gone,
                              And I must follow, if I can,
                              Pursuing it with eager feet,
                              Until it joins some larger way
                              Where many paths and errands meet.
                              And whither then? I cannot say.
                              - Lord of the Rings
- - Feb 17, 2016
does that mean santa's here too??
                              I want my Christmas present!
Creepy_Noodle Creepy_Noodle Jan 29, 2016
........Wow I don't know how to put it..... that was Great....  I thought by the cover Lucy might haver been a mermaid.... But this... Elves?... that is Great
CaitlynDan CaitlynDan Dec 29, 2015
Is it gonna be sad like the "that one spark" 
                              Cause that made me cry ya know
                              I'll read this one anyways cause I love your books