Tragedy Struck- Anakin Skywalker fanfiction

Tragedy Struck- Anakin Skywalker fanfiction

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Lyra Fayar is a Jedi, and so is Anakin Skywalker. They met at Tatooine, and after not seeing each other for ten years, they are reunited.

When Anakin is turning to the dark side, Lyra tried to help him avoid it, but he was too gone.

After she gave birth to their two children she had them in hiding, as well as herself. She clouded Darth Vaders Vision of her, so he doesn't know if his nightmare came true or if she's still alive. He becomes obsessed with finding her and will stop At nothing to find his love.

What happens years later when she joins Her son Luke (which she doesn't reveil herself as the mother to him) and Obi-Wan to save her daughter from Darth Vaders hands?

What will happen when they meet face to face after so many years?

Read to find out!
(Sorry I'm so bad at summaries, but trust me it's really good. Sorry it's not Padame, but I wanted to see what would happen if he fell in love with a Jedi.